NIKOLA table lamp,more than just a light.

Dear friends,

this is our first blog post and we will be starting to write blogs every now and then.

Our blog posts will be short introduction of our items,where we will bring you deeper inside our product to better understand it and make it more "yours".

Today we will start with showing our NIKOLA table lamp.

As it might seem just a simple,nice-designed table lamp, NIKOLA is actually a very functional accessory,and it can become your best friend while you are at your desk working or while you are at home chillin' on your sofa.

Firstly let me show you how NIKOLA looks like:

With a 200mm rounded wood base,it just fits nicely on every table,whether is your big spacious working desk or your home's side table.

The rounded base can be used,more commonly, just to put your notes,your coffee cup,your phone or anything that you need handy at anytime.

Let's talk more about placing your phone on the base...

How often do you receive calls,you send e-mails or messages with your phone and you end up with low battery in the middle of the day?Yes,I believe that happens quite often.

How often you have to decide whether to use the USB port in your laptop to charge your phone or to plug in your USB with all of your working documents?Again,yes very often you have no space to charge your phone,as working files are more important,and with today's laptop we all have only 2 or 3 USB ports.

So what if I tell you that our NIKOLA can make your space brighter,can store your office stationary and can WIRELESSLY charge your phone?(I know wirelessly is not a word but I believe you got my meaning).

Our NIKOLA table lamp has a wireless charger inside her base and you can just simply place your phone on it and it will "magically" start charging!So you will not have to care about which USB to unplug or to put your phone in low battery mode!

To avoid any confusion,first, let me tell you something more about the wireless charging function:Unfortunately only the newest phones comes with an integrated wireless charger receiver,means you don't need anything else and you can just place your phone on it and it start charging.

While for the "older" phones you can just buy a wireless receiver casing like this:or this:

Just find the one you like (there are lots of nice designs and are all very easy to find) put it on your phone, and you will also have the magic of wireless and you can now charge your phone "wirelessly".

No more low battery, no more USB port fights and no more cables!

Ask for your NIKOLA by send us an e-mail at

Spoiler alert!!
we will soon have a black version with an additional USB port!

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